BEAD: Partnerships

February 5, 2024

Your Guide to Securing BEAD Funding Through Partnerships 

Kristy Szabo, Director of Consulting for Vantage Point Solutions, discusses ways for you to consider the role partnerships can play in your BEAD application strategy. There is no “one sizes fits all” and it takes time to develop trust. Vantage Point has the right tools to explore strong partnership opportunities.

Unlock BEAD Funding Opportunities with Strategic Partnerships 

Crafting strategic partnerships is crucial to accessing Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) funding. The process of creating these partnerships isn’t something that can be done overnight. It is deliberate and tailored; it requires early initiation and thoughtful consideration of various roles. This guide outlines the steps to forming effective collaborations for BEAD funding. 

Outline Your Partnership Approach 

  • Traditional Partnerships: Collaborate with ISPs, municipal bodies, or utility providers to leverage BEAD funding for broader broadband reach and opportunities. 
  • Hybrid Models: Consider combining different partnership structures where you leverage each others strengths. 
  • New Legal Entities: Explore the creation of a new organization for specific objectives. 

Begin discussions early to explore and agree upon partnership terms. 

Solidify Your Partnership Foundation 

  • Align on vision and mission with potential partners. 
  • Set clear goals and objectives. 
  • Ensure open communication to align expectations. 
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities. 
  • Capitalize on the strengths ofeach partner. 
  • Foster mutual respect and trust. 

Meet Workforce Development Criteria through Collaborative Efforts 

A partnership can also be pivotal for fulfilling the workforce development stipulations of BEAD funding. This can involve collaborations with: 

  • Employers and industry leaders. 
  • Educational institutions and vocational training centers. 
  • Public workforce systems, trade unions, and worker collectives. 
  • Community organizations and economic development boards. 
  • Initiatives like Registered Apprenticeships or Pre-Apprenticeship programs. 
  • Document your collaborative processes early to demonstrate preparedness when applying for funding. 

Involve Community Leaders for a Greater Impact 

Leveraging BEAD for community enhancement involves partnerships with local leaders. Display your commitment to regional economic growth and reach out to: 

  • Economic Development Agencies. 
  • Local government entities and stakeholders. 
  • Anchor institutions and key community figures. 

At Vantage Point Solutions, we have helped hundreds of clients navigate the intricacies of exploring, developing and implementing partnerships. We are dedicated to simplifying your partnership journey, for BEAD and beyond. 

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