Kristy Szabo

Director of Consulting

Kristy Szabo has more than 20 years of experience in business finance, especially relating to the telecom industry. Kristy is an expert on valuations for ILEC and CLEC operations, wireless operations and CATV systems. She has developed many historical financial analysis, financial forecasting, budgets and feasibility studies. Her work has included the RUS Broadband and Traditional Loan programs and the RUS Community Connect Grant program, in addition to assisting clients obtain financing through CoBank, RTFC, and CFC.

Kristy has been a bidder and worked directly with the FCC’s auction system during several spectrum auctions and has helped numerous clients secure new licenses. Kristy continues to work with the FCC on the wireless side by filing regulatory filings and license applications. Kristy has also been involved in securing grant funds for clients to build broadband networks in unserved and underserved areas in numerous state and federal grant programs.

Prior to entering the telecommunications industry, Kristy spent 10 years in banking and financing. During her tenure, Kristy worked with budgeting, rate forecasting, accounts payable, expense control and financial reporting reviews. The in-depth accounting and financial experience she gained while in banking and financing brings a unique set of skills that are beneficial to the wide array of financial consulting projects within the telecommunications industry.

Kristy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Dakota Wesleyan University.