Regulatory Compliance

The legal, regulatory, technical, and operational requirements for broadband providers can be overwhelming. Vantage Point has you covered.

In addition to individual compliance services, Vantage Point’s expert team offers service packages to support the unique needs of your company or Co-op. Contact our team to learn more and find the right mix of services to save you time, money, and hassle.

Federal & State Filings

Custom reporting services for mandatory federal and state filing requirements, including:

FCC Form 477   »   FCC Form 481   »   FCC Form 499Q/A   »   Lifeline Claims   »   FCC Form 555   »   State Regulatory Filings   »   HUBB Reporting   »   And more

Policy & Disclosures

Keep your operation in compliance with required policies. Vantage Point’s legal team can help identify and develop what you need.

DMCA   »   RIF/Network Management   »   Privacy Policy   »   Acceptable Use

Funding & Grant Obligation Management

Federal support, state grants, and traditional loans each have varying buildout and timeline requirements. Vantage Point’s expert project managers keep your buildouts on time and in compliance, and can assist with the detailed reporting requirements during and after construction. (Interested in broadband funding assistance? LEARN MORE »)

CALEA Trusted Third Party

CALEA Compliance is mandatory for both broadband and voice providers. LEARN MORE »

Geocoding & HUBB Services

High-cost Support recipients – including CAF II and RDOF – must report the geocoded coordinates of new broadband locations. LEARN MORE »

Voice Compliance

Vantage Point can assist with all aspects of voice service operations and requirements, starting with:

CIC Reporting   »   FCC Form 502   »   FCC Section 64.1900   »   CPNI Annual Filing   »   LERG   »   NECA Tariff 4   »   Battery Backup Compliance (Federal, State, PUC)   »   Mobile Carrier Compliance   »   NRUF Reporting   »   Kari’s Law   »   Ray Baum’s Act   »   CALEA   »   STIR/SHAKEN   »   988 3-Digit Dialing

Environmental & Cultural Resource Requirements

Our in-house team has all the expertise you need to clear the red tape and keep your project on schedule.

NEPA    »   NHPA – Section 106   »   Clean Water Act – Section 404   »   DOT Section 110(f)   »   FCC 620/621

Wireless Compliance

Our full spectrum of wireless services starts with compliance:

FCC Licensing   »   FCC Filings   »   Regulatory Reporting


Vantage Point has 10 Professional Engineers licensed in 40+ states, beholden to the educational standards and professional ethics of the PE. We ensure all projects are in compliance with the relevant engineering codes, with particular expertise in the National Electric Code and the National Electric Safety Code.

Let’s keep you in the clear.