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There’s a lot of work to be done to ensure your clients have a well-built broadband network.

More and more turn-key engineering/construction projects are popping up across the country, and Vantage Point can be an asset when engaging these opportunities. A smooth and efficient engineering process accelerates speed to market, getting your crews and product into the field faster. We bring that to the table with reliable services, licensed professional engineers, and hundreds of experienced staff.

Vantage Point is the leader in OSP engineering for both fiber and wireless networks, overseeing around 10,000 miles of fiber construction every year. Our full suite of services can be as detailed or as high-level as required, from initial network layouts to CO engineering and CPE installation. We also offer professional services such as regulatory consulting and data network assistance.

We want to be your engineering resource.

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Vantage Point is vendor-agnostic, allowing us to recommend the best solutions for any given situation. We manage dozens of construction RPFs each year for Construction, Switching, Transport, and more. To get on our bid list, reach out via the form on this page.

Statement of Ethics

Vantage Point is committed to ethical business practices, and we promise you the same thing we promise our clients: Above-board, fair work and consideration, regardless of which side of the relationship we’re on. Learn more about our business practices here.

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