Feasibility, Funding & Revenue

Make decisions with confidence.

Feasibility Analysis

A broadband feasibility study should give more than a general indicator of feasibility. It should give you confidence in your decision. LEARN MORE »

  • Feasibility Snapshot
  • Feasibility Study
  • Feasibility Review

Grants, Loans & Auctions

With nearly $3 BILLION in broadband funding secured for our clients, Vantage Point is the unparalleled leader in broadband funding programs. LEARN MORE »

  • Broadband Grant Programs
  • Traditional Lenders
  • RUS Loans
  • Auctions & Other Funding Opportunities
  • Funding & Grant Obligation Management

Support Programs & Other Revenue

Alphabet soup? We’re fluent. RDOF, CAF II, A-CAM, Cost, Average Schedule, CABS, CAF BLS, CAF ICC, Alaska Plan, CBOL, NECA, USF, USAC, Tariff, BDS, Legacy, and more. LEARN MORE »

  • ILEC Support Programs (Rate of Return)
  • Non-Regulated & Other Revenue

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