• 0% of Vantage Point is owned by any broadband contractor, vendor, supplier, or service provider. We are an employee-owned company.
  • Vantage Point does not have ownership of any broadband contractor, vendor, supplier, or service provider.
  • Vantage Point and our staff do not take kick-backs, finders fees, or commissions from vendors or contractors. Never have, never will. Our only compensation is what our client pays us for the project. Our recommendations to you will be based only on the best solution for your organization, not lining our pockets through back door agreements.
  • Vantage Point does not use vendors or manufacturers to perform engineering tasks or designs in exchange for Vantage Point specifying the use of their products. At Vantage Point, all engineering and consulting is performed in house.
  • We do not have a cookie cutter approach to design. We believe your project has unique characteristics that need to be taken into design consideration. Unlike other firms that will only use a network of suppliers, contractors and vendors that they have pre-negotiated arrangements with, Vantage Point will always be looking for the best solutions to fit your needs.
  • Vantage Point believes that our success is based on the long-term success of our clients.


If you are seeking an experienced, qualified, ethical engineering firm, then we look forward to working with you. Thank you for considering Vantage Point Solutions.

Larry D. Thompson, PE
CEO, Vantage Point Solutions

Professional Solutions With Integrity

Broadband providers are continually faced with many decisions to maximize network quality and functionality while minimizing costs. Each provider is unique in its infrastructure, member density, terrain, and goals. What works well for one deployment, may not be the best fit for the next. There is no single model, no “cookie-cutter” solution, that works for every situation.

For many of the decisions that must be made, you will likely rely on the advice and expertise of third-party consultants and engineers such as Vantage Point. You – and your customers or members – deserve professional, ethical guidance; as such, it is imperative to select an experienced and qualified partner that has no bias or hidden agenda that may taint their recommendations to your organization.

Vantage Point has been implementing rural broadband FTTP networks for decades and has the experience and knowledge to help guide you in implementing the unique solution that works best for you. We have built our company on a strong moral and ethical foundation by always doing what is best for our client’s long-term best interests. Our established, long-standing client list, built largely by referral, is a testament to this commitment.

Unlike others that may claim to be engineering firms, Vantage Point is a true engineering firm: Our team includes ten licensed Professional Engineers that are registered as such in every state we do business. As a true engineering firm with state registered Professional Engineers, not only do we meet the stringent educational and technical standards of this licensure, we are also bound by a code of ethics defined by the laws of the states in which we work.

Ethical business is simply our way of work. We do right by our clients, and we are not bringing hidden agendas to our business relationships.