OSP & Network Implementation

Turning construction plans into happy customers.

Our seasoned team will provide project management solutions and advice along the way for every phase of OSP: initial design, field staking and inspection. Vantage Point offers an in-house CAD department that specializes in using all major broadband mapping systems and is continuously integrating the latest technology into client maps and documents.

Construction Management and Quality Control/Quality Assurance

On time, on budget, and under the eyes of experienced field staff and senior project managers – that’s how Vantage Point manages OSP projects and quality. With seasoned field Residents and Inspectors, our OSP team ensures contractors and vendors fulfill contract requirements and your expectations. Our staff’s experience and job knowledge will protect your investment, even as it is being constructed.

Field Engineering & Inspection   »   Record Keeping  »   Project Management, including Update Calls & Correspondence  »   Budget Oversight  »   Contractor Invoice Review  »   Materials Management  »   Construction Documentation

As-Built Records & Plant Verification

Accurate maps and inventory are critical to maintaining and managing your new plant. From beginning to end, we’ll verify and document that your plant was built correctly, providing the detail, clarity, and accuracy you can rely on.

Staking Sheets   »   As-Built Maps   »   Map Digitization   »   Digital Archiving   »   Plant Geolocation   »   Testing   »   Shield Megging   »   Power Meter Testing   »   OTDR Testing   »   OSP Inventory   »   Existing Plant Evaluation   »   New Plant Validation   »   Anomaly Testing   »   Geocoding   »   Map & Staking Sheet Conversions

Inside Plant

Data Center infrastructure is so much more than Rack-and-Stack: It’s the backbone of a successful broadband deployment. Ensure efficient and effective function with central office (CO) infrastructure professionally designed and installed by VPS.

Central Office Design & Layout   »   Site Surveys   »   Central Office Assessments   »   Central Office Floorplan and Elevations Diagrams   »   Grounding & Power Audits   »   Fiber Frame/ Fiber Management Systems   »   Equipment Rack and Cable Rack   »   Data Cabinets   »   DC Power Distribution and Batteries   »   Central Office Electronics Installation   »   Miscellaneous Equipment Installation & Powering   »   Electronics Commissioning & Provisioning   »   Network Cutover

Network Integration

Let’s bring your network to life – then let’s get customers onto your network, faster. LEARN MORE »

  • CPE Installation
  • Switch Translations & Testing
  • Transport Network Commissioning & Testing
  • Data Network Commissioning & Testing
  • FTTP Commissioning & Testing

Aerial Plant Services

Ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency from planning to the pole line. LEARN MORE »

  • Pole Data Collection & Asset Inventory
  • Pole Integrity Testing
  • Easement Assistance
  • Joint Use Management
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Make Ready Assessment
  • Pole Replacement Design
  • Aerial Fiber Engineering
  • ADSS & Strand/Lash

Ready to turn plans into plant? So are we. Let’s get started.