Vision & History

VPS Vision

Better broadband means better lives.

At Vantage Point, we have seen over and over again the benefits of having robust, affordable, secure connectivity in a community or organization. Having a network that is built well – meaning that it is cost-effective, appropriate to the terrain, adequate for end users now and in the future, expertly designed and built, both physically- and cyber- secure, flexible, and sufficient for all codes and regulations – can protect institutions and transform the quality of life and economic opportunities for businesses and residents alike. We have witnessed this transformation all over the country, and it is this human benefit from broadband that inspires our work.

Vantage Point provides a full range of services to bring this benefit to life, from financial and regulatory consulting to engineering and cybersecurity to outside plant field collection, mapping, and plant documentation. Our teams work seamlessly to provide peerless service and expertise to our clients, and it is this comprehensive effort that transforms the lives, businesses, and communities we help our clients serve.

We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Let us show you the Vantage Point Advantage.

Always Local

VPS is headquartered in Mitchell, South Dakota, with staff in six additional office locations and hundreds of team members working remotely or on-site at client projects.

Company History

Vantage Point Solutions was founded in 2002 by a team who believed in putting people – both employees and clients – first. VPS is a customer-focused, technology-driven engineering and consulting firm serving the broadband and financial industries.

In 2020 we merged with GVNW Consulting, another premier consulting firm. The merger brought together nearly 70 years of industry commitment, and several dozen top-tier consultants.

Today VPS houses industry experts in all aspects of network planning, design, operation, and protection, trusted by hundreds of clients across the country and several internationally. Vantage Point is employee-owned, and because client success means employee success, the entire team is driven by a commitment to client satisfaction.


In putting employees & clients first.

Better Broadband means Better Lives.

We are building networks for applications that don’t exist yet.

In giving back to our local, industry, and global communities.