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Voice & VoIP

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  • VoIP
  • Voice Switching
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • New Voice Service Launchpad Services (CLEC & New Providers)
  • Voice Compliance

Video Services

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Leverage your fiber network with a regional or local headend to deliver video content to your customers. Our experienced team can help you get started, operate, or maintain your IPTV solution.

OTT (Over-the-Top)

OTT (Over-the-top) video can either be facilitated to resemble traditional television, or controlled by the consumer with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV. OTT can be managed by the provider or by the end user.

Dark Fiber Leasing & Transport Marketing

Leasing excess fiber capacity can add to the bottom line without impacting core services. VPS can help with engineering, business plans and contracts, and other minutia of dark fiber leasing to bolster your revenue.

Lease Agreements   »   Cost Study Analysis  »   Average Schedule Analysis  »   Pricing  »   Regional Networks  »   Cost & Revenue Sharing  »   Cost of Service Analysis

Managed Wi-Fi

Monitor, troubleshoot, and address customer broadband problems from your network operations center. Managed Wi-Fi often saves costs by eliminating the need for truck rolls and in-home troubleshooting, while providing a better overall customer experience for the consumer.

Package Bundling & Pricing   »   Cost Study Analysis   »   Cost of Service Analysis

Cell Site Backhaul & B2B Circuits

Network Design   »   Capacity Planning   »   Bandwidth Upgrades   »   Pricing   »   Service Level Agreements   »   Contract Support   »   OSP   »   Permitting & ROW   »   Provisioning   »   NID Installation   »   Throughput Testing   »   Cost Study Analysis   »   Reporting   »   Special Access Circuits & Revenues   »   BDS (Business Data Services)   »   Cost of Service Analysis

System Backups

Protect your business customers’ information with offsite system backups, securing information from both physical and cyber threats.

Backup Strategy & Frequency   »   Pricing   »   Equipment Selection   »   Installation   »   Provisioning   »   Offsite Backups   »   Testing   »   Backup Recoveries   »   Cost of Service Analysis

Internet of Things

We are on the cusp of a new Internet revolution, focused on connecting devices – not just people. Vantage Point can help your operation navigate and integrate these emerging technologies.

Agriculture   »   Smart Sensors   »   Smart Metering (Water, Gas, Electricity)   »   Smart Lighting   »   New Technologies

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