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Mike Loecker, Anna Callicoat join Vantage Point Solutions

August 15, 2022

Vantage Point continues to grow with focus on customer relationships and long-term strategic success.

Vantage Point Solutions is proud to announce that Mike Loecker and Anna Callicoat have joined the Customer Relations team. Loecker, an industry veteran with nearly thirty years of industry expertise, will serve clients in the Western region of the United States. Callicoat, previously of Graybar, will work with providers in the Southeast.

Mike Loecker

For Loecker, it’s been a natural transition. “It’s like everything I’ve learned working with providers and utilities has led to this,” he says. “It’s a company that believes in relationships as much as I do. They have all the right players, the expertise, but no egos. It’s just focused on doing good work for good people, like it should be.”

Callicoat seconds the feeling of fitting right in. “Rural providers deserve thoughtful, meticulous, proven expertise from people who really care. At Vantage Point, that’s everyone,” she says. “It’s amazing to see a team – and join a team – that operates this way.”

Anna Callicoat

Vantage Point’s Customer Relations team works with new and existing broadband providers to identify opportunities for their businesses, advocate for their needs, and partner with them to address challenges. Mike and Anna join four additional Customer Relations professionals on the team that, collectively, support providers in all 50 states and the Caribbean.

Companies in Mike and Anna’s territories should rest assured that they will receive seamless support, according to Darren Dierbeck, Vantage Point co-founder and Sr. VP of Customer Relations.

“We’re excited to have both of them on the team,” says Dierbeck. “They are professionals who understand strategy, who understand the market, who understand what broadband providers will need to lock in long-term success. They fit right in.”

Darren Dierbeck

Mike and Anna join Vantage Point at an exciting, significant time in the industry. With their focus on relationships and long-term solutions, they will assist broadband providers through opportunities and challenges including unprecedented grant funding, rapid technical advancement, increasing user demands, and ever-evolving cyberthreats. “With all this change, we must evolve our solutions,” Callicoat says. “Vantage Point is the right leader to help providers navigate to the future.”

“I’ve been in the industry a long time and Vantage Point is really respected, for a reason,” Loecker adds. “It’s exciting to be a part of.”