Anna Callicoat

Manager of Customer Relations

Hailing originally from rural Arkansas, Anna Callicoat has seen first-hand the impacts of the digital divide. As part of the Vantage Point Customer Relations team, her work is inspired by the power of connectivity to change lives for the better. With several years in the industry, Anna has honed her focus on creating solutions for unserved and underserved communities by empowering the providers that serve them. Simultaneously a big-picture strategist and detail-oriented client advocate, she is known for bringing fresh perspectives to the opportunities and challenges facing broadband providers. Above all, however, she values relationships built on integrity and trust.

Anna offices near Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to her passion for rural connectivity, she is also a competitive equestrian and lifelong animal lover. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics, Magna Cum Laude, from Sweet Briar College.