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Vantage Point Adds Pole Integrity Testing to Suite of Aerial Plant Services

June 29, 2022

“We’re not a company that leaves stones unturned.”

What is the remaining strength percentage of the pole? Answering that question just got easier, as Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to share that Pole Integrity Testing has been added to their lineup of Aerial Plant services.

“We’re committed to providing start-to-future solutions for our clients, and this is a need we saw time and again with electric utilities across the country,” says Eric Rajchel, PE, Engineer at Vantage Point Solutions. “Pole integrity was one of the only questions we couldn’t help them answer; and we’re not a company that leaves stones unturned for our clients. Developing this service has been a priority.”

Eric Rajchel, PE

Vantage Point uses state-of-the-art, minimally invasive pole testing technology known for its accuracy, speed, and ability to detect issues early. It’s renowned for its accuracy compared to traditional testing methods and does not require excavating dirt at the base of pole, saving time and money.

The results are easier to work with as well, Rajchel notes. “The data we can provide to plant managers is detailed, organized, and trackable,” he says.

This latest addition is a natural complement to Vantage Point’s aerial services group, which has seen significant growth over the past five years. Originating with a focus on fiber cable placement for broadband networks, the group’s network design and deployment services include aerial fiber engineering, construction inspection and project management, make ready engineering and management, pole loading analysis, and easement assistance. They also consult on ADSS vs. Strand/Lash cable and slack and accessory management.

In addition to pole integrity testing, Vantage Point’s aerial plant management services include pole data collection and asset inventory, joint use management, and pole replacement design.

That breadth of expertise is a benefit to clients, Rajchel says. “Lessons and best practices transfer from one service to another. That works in favor of the co-ops and utilities we serve.”