Aerial Plant Services

Ensuring Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency from Planning to the Pole Line.

All aerial engineering and plant services are directed by Licensed Professional Engineers, ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of your aerial plant from start to finish.

Aerial Plant Maintenance & Planning

  • Pole Data Collection & Asset Inventory
  • Pole Integrity Testing
  • Easement Assistance
  • Joint Use Management
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Make Ready Assessment
  • Pole Replacement Design

Aerial Network Services

  • Aerial Fiber Engineering
  • ADSS & Strand/Lash
  • Make Ready Assessment
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Easement Assistance

Industry-Leading Technology

Our teams regularly test, trial, and evaluate new technologies to ensure best-in-class work product for aerial assets.

Integrated Expertise

Vantage Point’s aerial engineers and technicians work alongside plant inspectors, compliance specialists, industry attorneys, fiber installers, and – yes – even archeologists and biologists; meaning no matter what your project encounters, we have built-in expertise on your team.

360° Project Insight

Budget, funding sources, buildout requirements, environmental reviews, timeline constraints: Whether it’s regular maintenance or greenfield construction, there’s always more to the project than it seems. Our integrated approach means we can resolve issues before they cause problems.

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