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FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Preparedness Guide

April 29, 2021

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Preparedness Guide

Preparing for program launch.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB) will launch enrollment on May 12, 2021. Get ready to educate and enroll subscribers in the time limited program.

To participate in the program and receive reimbursement for an EBB customer credit, a company must have an approved USAC Election, a qualified subscriber enrolled in NLAD, and an LCS claim submitted by the due date. Readiness might include:

  • Subscriber Application and Eligibility Verification Readiness
  • Service Provider NLAD Enrollment/De-enrollment Preparation
  • Service Provider USAC LCS Claim Submission Planning


Download the full guide for additional detail on Readiness, Preparing for Program Success, and Immediate Action Recommendations.

EBB Preparedness Guide

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