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Vantage Point Congratulates Dusty Johnson for Election Win

November 7, 2018

Dusty Johnson has served as the Vice President of Consulting at Vantage Point since 2014.

MITCHELL, SD (November 7, 2018) – Last night, Dusty Johnson was elected to serve as South Dakota’s lone Representative in the U.S. House. He will thus be leaving his position as the Vice President of Consulting at Vantage Point Solutions, which he has held since 2014.

We at Vantage Point are proud of his service to our company and our clients, and are confident he will continue to serve our mission – Better Lives through Better Broadband access – in his new role representing South Dakota at the federal level.

Dusty will officially take office in January 2019. His last day at Vantage Point will be in December, and plans to transition his role are already in place.

“Dusty has been a one-of-a-kind colleague and leader, and we are glad to have had him on the team for these last four years,” says Larry Thompson, CEO. “Vantage Point was very fortunate that Dusty took time away from public service to lead our Consulting group, and we look forward to having – as he’d often say during his campaign – another broadband advocate in D.C.!”

“It has been an honor to serve the interests of rural broadband providers, and a privilege to do so alongside such a talented, hardworking, and fun group of colleagues,” Dusty says. “The last few years at Vantage Point have been not just rewarding, but educational – and I look forward to taking the lessons learned from our staff and clients to create meaningful change in Washington.”

Dusty leaves behind a successful and growing Consulting department, which recently led clients to securing over $165 million in the Connect America Fund Auction 903 (“CAF II Auction”). In addition to securing funding for rural broadband, Vantage Point’s consulting group is particularly known for its strategic, financial, and operational expertise for broadband providers.

Uniquely, the group is led by a four-part team of exceptionally strong leaders: Doug Eidahl, VP of Legal & Regulatory, has been with Vantage Point for 15 years; Kristy Szabo, Director of Consulting, with the company for 13 years; and Jolyn Doering, Manager of Cost Issues, for 14 years. Doug, Kristy, and Jolyn remain committed to the long-term success of our clients and staff even as we anticipate welcoming a new leader to the consulting team.

“The broadband and telecommunications industry is ever-changing, and we look forward to the commitment of a strategic, determined leader with the experience to assist our clients in meeting the challenges and opportunities ahead,” Thompson says.