Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility study should give more than a general indicator of feasibility.

It should give you confidence in your decision – whether that’s for a new network operation, a CLEC, or a change in support. The analysis will not only help answer the question, “Should we or shouldn’t we?” but will also help answer, “How?”

Unfortunately, not all feasibility “studies” are created equally – especially for new operations. We strongly recommend a comprehensive feasibility analysis, including preliminary network designs (fiber and/or wireless), competitive analysis, and business plans/financial forecasts, prior to making a tens-of-millions of dollars investment or decision.

Vantage Point Feasibility Services

Feasibility Snapshot

When you simply need a directional metric before taking the next step, a Snapshot is a great tool. Perfect for pre-funding program research or those just beginning to explore a new operation.

Feasibility Study

Before you invest tens-of-millions of dollars, be certain. Vantage Point’s comprehensive analysis includes preliminary network designs (fiber and/or wireless), competitive analysis, and business plans or financial forecasts, tailored to your goals.

Feasibility Review

If you’ve done the analysis but want to be sure, calling in a second set of eyes can give you the confidence you need. We will review your existing feasibility research against our experience, industry trends, and insights from similar operations.

Our Feasibility Philosophy

We undertake feasibility as a question, not a pre-determined answer. If a business plan won’t meet your goals, we’ll tell you so – and help you understand your options.

There is no One-Size-Fits-All model for success. We undertake feasibility based on your needs, goals, and existing operation, and ask the right questions – because cookie cutters are for cookies, not for network plans.

We use real numbers. Our Engineering team is working with construction bids every day, so we have unmatched insight into the real costs of construction. When applicable, we base our estimates on fresh-from-the-field numbers from projects similar to yours.

It’s not about us. We believe better broadband means better lives; as a broadband provider, that belief comes to life through your work. We are committed to your best interests and long-term success.

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To discuss a new feasibility analysis or for a second set of eyes on your existing feasibility research, please complete this form or contact any member of the Vantage Point team. We want to help you make a good decision.