Support Programs & Other Revenue

Beyond accounting: It’s revenue strategy.

Alphabet soup? We’re fluent. CAF II, RDOF, Cost, A-CAM, Average Schedule, CABS, CAF BLS, CAF ICC, Alaska Plan, CBOL, NECA, USF, USAC, Tariff, BDS, Legacy, and more. Our experienced team understands the complex cost issues and intricacies of each company, and we help you understand how these issues affect your operation. We work alongside you to guide your staff through this everchanging regulatory environment.


Congratulations on your success in the auction! Vantage Point stands ready to help with any aspect of meeting your new obligations.

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ILEC Support Programs (Rate of Return)

No matter which high-cost support program you receive funding from, Vantage Point can help maximize your revenues and efficiency. It’s more than just accounting: Our consulting team works alongside engineers every day, so we understand how network decisions impact your revenue. A stronger team on our side means a stronger bottom line for you.

See for yourself:

Vantage Point took over the cost study for a large Midwest company. Our experts asked the right questions and were able to see what wasn’t there – including a regulatory allowance to increase their local exchange revenues. The VPS team also spotted an error in the company’s data that, unchecked, would have resulted in missing $5 million in revenues. Our cost study team also convinced the company to pursue a new regulatory option, resulting in an additional $12 million over 7 years.

And our experts account for your whole network – not just the numbers. Not only do we maintain your CPRs, we have engineers that know and design these assets to ensure they are accurate and optimizing your reporting. In fact, a technical recommendation from our engineering team led to saving this client ¾ million in a single year – part of a $1.4 million single-year impact.

That’s not just accounting. It’s smart business strategy.

When reviewing the books and network configurations for a small company in the Great Plains – a company whose regulated revenues are nearly 70% cost-study related – Vantage Point found efficiencies from top to bottom.

Our cost study experts were concerned that ISP costs were driving down net DSL revenues and suggested the company consider consolidating its network switches for this reason and others, such as operational savings, etc.  The company chose to do so and realized an annual savings of approximately $120,000 and a gain in other revenue sources of approximately $140,000 annually.

We didn’t stop there. Our cost team also examined the expense impact of changes in staffing needs and the related recovery revenues, analyzed updates to their transport systems and other investments, and assisted the company in becoming compliant in regard to wireless backhaul.

Because with Vantage Point, cost studies aren’t just accounting – they are top-to-bottom strategic solutions to real business challenges.

Our ILEC Support Program services include:

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Non-Regulated & Other Revenue

Network edge-outs, new service offerings, and other network decisions can impact regulated revenue. Maximize the revenue impacts of non-regulated opportunities while protecting your support.

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