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Memo: TRS Fund Modifications

June 12, 2020

TRS Fund Modifications Contributions will be modified for 2020-2021 fund year. The FCC released a Report and Order in November 2019 to broaden the support mechanism for Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) and reduce the current burden put on Interstate Telecommunications providers. The FCC launched IP CTS many years ago with an interim…

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Robert Bengel Announces Retirement

June 11, 2020

Robert Bengel, Director of Customer Relations, has announced his decision to retire effective June 12, 2020. Robert served the Southwest region of the United States for Vantage Point Solutions. His career spanned the industry and the country, having worked with clients on data services, business analysis, OC-12/48/192 long haul equipment, PBX equipment, billing and OSS/GIS,…

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Consulting, Memos, Resources

Memo: Performance Measures Module

May 5, 2020

Performance Measures Module The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has developed a Performance Measures Module (PMM), which will be the reporting system used for performance measures testing. The PMM will: Allow carriers to differentiate HUBB reported locations as actively served vs. not actively served. Allow USAC to select a random sampling of actively served locations…

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Spotlight: Roanoke Connect and Community Wi-Fi

May 1, 2020

“We had to find a way to provide access immediately. Roanoke Connect made it happen.” -Curtis Wynn ROANOKE CONNECT & ROANOKE ELECTRIC CO-OP When COVID-19 and social distancing came to North Carolina, Roanoke Electric Co-op knew they needed to find new ways to serve their member-owners. Providing power and broadband is an essential service, and…

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