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Your Computer May Be More Valuable to an Attacker than You Think

September 16, 2020

Your Computer May Be More Valuable to an Attacker than You Think

We hear so much about data breaches and cyber attacks these days. Learning that hackers exposed millions of credit card numbers or other pieces of personal information seems to happen more and more. Even large companies with well-funded security such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Equifax suffer at the hands of malicious cyber attackers. Considering how these mega-companies make such high-value targets, you may wonder, “How does this affect me? Why do I need to care about cybersecurity? Why would an attacker want my computer? There is nothing of value on it, and I only use it for email, social media, and occasional online purchases.” What many people forget is that hackers are not only dangerous because of what they can take from you, but also because of what they can give you. While it may be true that your personal computer does not store millions of credit card numbers, your PC still has potentially tremendous value to an attacker. You need to care about cybersecurity. So, what can an attacker do with your computer? Let’s look at some of the major reasons for which an attacker may want your computer.

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VPS Article – Cyber Attacks

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