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Statement on the passing of our friend, Tim Owens

July 14, 2020

The Vantage Point family was stunned to learn of Tim Owens’ sudden passing. Truthfully, it has taken several days to even collect our thoughts. It is so hard to believe he is gone. We are pained. We are reeling. We are grieving.

Tim cast a long shadow. His many accomplishments and accolades were well-deserved; beyond them, he was simply a great guy. He was fun and intelligent. He had a wonderful gift of putting people at ease, helping them feel welcomed and valuable; he was also hard-working, clever, curious, honest, original, and generous.

Darren & Tim, 2019

As a company, we worked with him often – frequently referring work to each other’s firms, partnering on projects, and jointly hosting our friends at industry events and gatherings. Reaching out to Tim was a reflex: His quality of work was superb, and his professionalism impeccable.

Work can be replaced, of course. Tim cannot be; and it is his friendship we will miss the most. He loved life and made a point to live fully – and that spirit was infectious to those fortunate enough to know him.

There is no way to replace a man like Tim; instead, we must recommit ourselves to living and working in ways that honor his life and friendship. We already miss him. We will continue to miss him.

How fortunate we are to have known someone we will miss so greatly.

Godspeed, Tim.

Darren Dierbeck
Larry Thompson
and the Vantage Point family