BEAD Rules Are Out. What Now?

February 5, 2024

It’s time for action – for BEAD, and beyond.

The industry is buzzing about the recently released NOFO for upcoming BEAD funding. But beyond the buzz, it’s time for action. Our guidance here is twofold: First, for BEAD specifically. Second, a more strategic view of ALL funding programs.

BEAD Funding: What to do Now

Your State Broadband Office should now be working on their letter of intent. Vantage Point recommends you reach out to them, directly or via your State Association, to ensure this LOI is proceeding.

Then, for your specific interest: Like any other funding program, if providers wait until state rules are finalized it will be too late to build a strong application. To that end, Vantage Point strongly encourages broadband providers to begin preparations soon. (Yes, even as individual states are proceeding with defining the state’s specific guidelines.)

Recommended steps:

  1. Network Planning: Where do you want to go? Identify areas that are likely to be eligible. Of these, where are the opportunities for your network?
  2. Feasibility: What is it going to cost? Develop CapEx estimates and analyze financial feasibility for your various target areas. Which program makes the most sense for your company?
  3. Prioritize: Which opportunities make sense? For each area, what’s the “green light” number at which it makes sense for you to apply? How do areas compare on their appeal and prioritization?


Strategic Funding Beyond BEAD:

We have reason to believe there is another extremely strategic and attractive funding opportunity for many providers.

For companies or co-ops seeking growth opportunities and/or defensive positioning against other funding applicants, we strongly encourage you to contact Vantage Point’s team to discuss your specific areas, threats, and interests regarding this strategy.

Vantage Point’s funding leaders are ready to assist. The sooner we can begin strategizing, the stronger your funding prospects will be. We look forward to helping begin these important steps – Contact our team soon.