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Memo: STIR/SHAKEN and Robocall Mitigation

April 20, 2023

The FCC released an Order on March 17, 2023 designed to bolster the existing STIR/SHAKEN and Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) and Robocall Mitigation Program requirements.

The new requirements will affect ALL voice providers. If VPS assisted with your initial Robocall Mitigation Database/Program filing, we will reach out to you directly via email as things progress with this Order to ensure continued compliance. If VPS did not assist with your initial RMD/Program filing, we stand ready to assist.

Download the full memo for additional information on Non-Gateway Intermediate Providers, Robocall Mitigation Database Updates, Additional Program Details, and more.

VPS Memo – STIR/SHAKEN & Robocall Mitigation

For additional information, please contact the following members of the Vantage Point Team:

Adam Fenski, PE at (605) 995-1772

Courtney Spears at (830) 895-7221