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Vantage Point Congratulates Leigh Boulware on CRCM

September 19, 2022

Leigh Boulware, CUCE, CRCM

Vantage Point Solutions is thrilled to congratulate Leigh Boulware, of our Banking Division, on earning the designation of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager from the American Bankers Association.

Leigh is a key member of Vantage Point’s Banking division where she works with banks and credit unions across the country on their compliance and audit needs. As a compliance expert she provides consulting services to help financial institutions meet their regulatory requirements.

Natalie Reed, Banking Division Manager

“We are very proud of Leigh for this great accomplishment. She worked hard to pass the CRCM exam and earn this great distinction,” says Natalie Reed, Banking Division Manager. “Leigh’s background and experience is already impressive, and now she adds this on top of her CUCE certification. It shows how dedicated she truly is. She’s an integral part of our Banking division and a real value for the clients she works with.”

Prior to joining Vantage Point, Leigh worked for a financial institution in Georgia conducting internal audits, maintaining a successful compliance program, and serving as liaison to regulators.

Congratulations, Leigh!


Vantage Point is committed to professional, ethical services and business practices as outlined in our publicly available statement of ethics. As CRCM, Leigh joins a fleet of industry-certified professionals including additional CRCM staff, CISSP, CUCE, attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Licensed Professional Engineers, and Registered Professional Archeologists.