Mike Carpinelli joins Vantage Point Solutions

May 9, 2022

Mike brings decades of industry experience to Customer Relations team.

Vantage Point Solutions is proud to announce that Mike Carpinelli has joined the Customer Relations team. Carpinelli, an industry veteran with nearly four decades of industry expertise, will serve clients in the East South Central region of the United States.

Mike Carpinelli

“I’ve known Vantage Point for years, and have always been impressed with the energy and integrity of the company,” Carpinelli says. “The people who work here, work their tail off for rural providers. I’m looking forward to continuing the same focus I’ve always had: to serve rural providers, to learn from them, and to support the impact they have on their communities.

Vantage Point’s Customer Relations team works with new and existing broadband providers to identify opportunities for their businesses, advocate for their needs, and partner with them to address challenges. Mike – who will serve providers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama, joins five additional Customer Relations professionals on the team. Collectively, they support providers in all 50 states.

Darren Dierbeck

Darren Dierbeck, Vantage Point co-founder and Sr. VP of Customer Relations, assures companies in Mike’s territory that they will receive uninterrupted support as Mike joins the team. Previously, Dierbeck worked with companies in Mississippi and Arkansas; and Paxton Davis, also of the Customer Relations team, served providers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

When it comes to building relationships and understanding technical solutions, there are few individuals of Mike’s caliber,” says Dierbeck. “To find such a culture match as well, that he fits our team so well, is really extraordinary.”

Mike joins Vantage Point at a critical time in the industry, and will help broadband providers navigate an onslaught of both opportunities and challenges including unprecedented grant funding, rapid technical advancement, increasing user demands, and ever-evolving cyberthreats. “I’m ready,” he says. “This is the right time, and the right team.”