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NEW: Managed Services for Network Operators

April 4, 2022

Vantage Point Solutions introduces state-of-the-art services designed to mitigate risk and uncertainty without adding hard-to-find staff.

Network needs are evolving, and Vantage Point’s Data Network team is rising to the challenge: Vantage Point is pleased announce they are now offering Managed Network Services. Working closely with network operators, Vantage Point’s renowned Data Networking & Security team has developed a suite of state-of-the-art Managed Services to help protect and maintain network integrity for broadband providers, financial institutions, and other businesses.

Gaven Davis, Sr. Data Network Consultant

According to Gaven Davis, Senior Data Network Consultant, two trends in the industry are driving the need for these services: Increasing network complexity, and challenges with staffing experienced network experts.

“Modern network management is extremely sophisticated; and rapidly evolving security threats add a layer of complexity and urgency on top of that,” Davis says. “It’s simply not feasible for many businesses to find and hire experienced network staff who can mitigate risk and uncertainty on their own. Now with this suite of managed services, Vantage Point can become part of their team – bringing that protection and maintenance to their network, but not adding headcount to their operation.”

Services include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Cybersecurity
  • Managed Servers
  • Managed Backups
  • Managed DHCP
  • Managed Graylog
  • Managed DNS
  • Managed LibreNMS


Andy Deinert, Network & Security Services Manager

These services are ideal for new providers or those who have limited staff dedicated to network needs; as well as companies who are seeking to get away from piece-by-piece fixes and move to a more comprehensive network plan.

Andy Deinert, Network & Security Services Manager, says Vantage Point’s strength in numbers is also a benefit for operators. “Our team has such broad expertise, so you get a lot of value added to your team that would be extremely hard to find in a single person.”