GVNW Merger

In February 2020 Vantage Point Solutions and GVNW Consulting announced our merger.

We’ve grown since! But at the time of merger, we combined nearly 70 years of experience, more than 350 staff, and 7 office locations. Read the Announcement.

Joint Statement by Larry Thompson and Jeff Smith

February 25, 2020

On behalf of the management and employees of Vantage Point Solutions and GVNW Consulting, we wish to thank our many clients and industry friends on their well-wishes since the recent announcement of our merger. The support and congratulations we have received have been overwhelming, reflecting the close-knit nature of the telecom industry and reaffirming for us that there is no other industry we’d rather serve.

We’ve also heard the resounding comment, “It just makes sense;” followed by the question, “What now?” and we want to address these directly.

First, we agree – Merging our companies just made sense. We have worked together in the past on joint projects, have advocated side-by-side for rural broadband providers for many years, and have tremendous mutual respect for the experience, expertise, and professionalism being brought together. GVNW’s expertise will benefit from having Vantage Point’s Engineering, Outside Plant, Mapping, Data Networking, and Integration Services experts on the same team. Likewise, Vantage Point’s Consulting group will benefit from GVNW’s depth and leadership in various aspects of telecom consulting. Most importantly, we share a commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our employees and long-term success of our clients. It just makes sense.

Second, what now? We are united in our excitement and anticipate a smooth transition for our clients, employees, and industry friends. Both companies will retain their unique branding for a time, though ultimately the merged entity will be known as Vantage Point Solutions. Headquarters for the merged company will be at Vantage Point’s corporate office in Mitchell, South Dakota. GVNW’s offices in Portland, Colorado Springs, the San Antonio metro, and Springfield, Illinois will remain, as will Vantage Point’s satellite offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the Charlotte, North Carolina metro. This combined footprint is an opportunity for us to serve our clients more closely, as well as offering new geographic opportunities for our teams.

Together we serve a large percentage of broadband providers across Rural America. This is not a responsibility we take lightly, so let us be clear: We are unilaterally dedicated to providing premier Consulting and Engineering services for rural broadband providers, empowering better lives through better broadband and building networks for applications that do not even exist yet.

As we have worked together in bringing this merger to fruition, we have found ourselves inspired by our joint dedication to this mission. Our roots are deep, and our management is young and dynamic. Our advocacy is unparalleled; our experience is unequalled; our gratitude for your well-wishes is hard to describe. Two industry leaders are combining, and we are incredibly proud to go forward serving our industry as one.


Larry Thompson, PE
Vantage Point Solutions

Jeff Smith
VP of Public Policy & Advocacy
GVNW – A Vantage Point Company