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Vantage Point 2022 RTIME Preview

January 31, 2022

Permitting, Funding, Workforce, and Line Dancing. Vantage Point’s ready for it all.

The Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & EXPO is back, and Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to sponsor this great event. Here are key areas Vantage Point is focused on ahead of RTIME:


Nathan Weber, PE

Vantage Point’s Nathan Weber, PE joins NTCA’s Brian Ford to discuss best practices, pitfalls, and hurdles when permitting for broadband construction. The conversation will touch on obtaining access to rights-of-way, streamlining processes, and mistakes to avoid at local, state, and federal levels. Don’t miss it: Sunday, Feb. 13 at 2:00 p.m.

Permitting questions or challenges? Vantage Point  recently introduced our Environmental & Cultural Resources Department to help providers streamline their permitting and proceed to construction more easily.


Larry Thompson


Tuesday morning is chock-full of Funding (guidance) at the Broadband Funding Workshop. Larry Thompson, PE, CEO of Vantage Point Solutions will join NTCA General Counsel Jill Canfield to talk specifically about making your best case for funding. With billions of dollars of funding being invested in rural broadband solutions, this is a can’t-miss discussion from one of the industry’s most widely respected engineering consultants. Tuesday, Feb. 15, 8:15 – 11:30.


Bright minds throughout the industry are diligently working to resolve the shortage of qualified workforce. But what can your operation do NOW? Hint: Talking to Vantage Point at RTIME would be a good first step.

FRS Hoedown

Supporting the Industry with a Valentine’s Day Hoedown? We’re in! Join FRS (and Vantage Point!) at Gilley’s Dallas for line dancing, networking, unlimited beer and wine, and – of course – supporting the Foundation for Rural Service. Vantage Point is proud to sponsor this year’s FRS special event on Monday, Feb. 14. Say hello on your way to the mechanical bull! Learn more and register:

Say Hello at the EXPO

Half the fun of RTIME is meeting new friends and catching up with old ones at the EXPO. Say hello or introduce yourself! You can find us in Booth #5. Vantage Point will be represented by:


For more information or to register, visit