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Memo: 911 Reliability Certification

September 29, 2020

911 Reliability Certification

The Annual 911 Reliability Certification is due October 15, 2020.

Beginning October 15, 2015, all “Covered 911 Service Providers” are required to certify annually that they have taken reasonable measures to provide reliable 911 service related to (1) 911 circuit diversity, (2) central office backup power, and (3) diverse network monitoring.

The annual certification rules apply to any entity that provides 911, E911, or NG911 capabilities such as call routing, Automatic Location Information (ALI), Automatic Number Information (ANI), or the functional equivalent of those capabilities directly to a PSAP, a statewide default answering point, an appropriate local emergency authority, or to any entity that operates one or more central offices that directly serve a PSAP.

For the purpose of the rules, a central office directly serves a PSAP if it: (1) hosts a selective router or ALI/ANI database, (2) provides functionally equivalent NG911 capabilities, or (3) is the last service-provider facility through which a 911 trunk or administrative line passes before connecting to a PSAP. A Covered 911 Service Provider is meant to encompass entities that provide capabilities to route 911 calls and associated data such as ALI and ANI to the appropriate PSAP, but not entities that merely provide the capability for customers to originate 911 calls.

Download the full memo for additional detail on Annual Certification.

VPS Memo – 911 Reliability Certification

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