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Why Password Length is More Important than Complexity

September 16, 2020

Why Password Length is More Important than Complexity

In today’s digital world, we access sensitive information and systems frequently. Administrators protect sensitive systems from unauthorized access by implementing some form of authentication mechanism, which requires users to prove their identity before being granted access. There are three primary methods of authentication: something you know, something you have, and something you are. “Something you know” refers to a piece of information that only an authorized person would know, such as a password. “Something you have” refers to a unique token or code that only an authorized person would possess. An example of this would be an RSA SecurID token with a six-digit code that changes every 30 seconds and must be entered following a successful password entry. An example of a system using “something you are” would be a fingerprint reader. The most common form of authentication is a password (something you know), so we will consider password security today. Passwords provide an effective authentication mechanism, but they can be misused. Since a weak password is not much better than a blank password, taking the time to understand what makes a password secure will assist you in ensuring that all your passwords provide sufficient protection.

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