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Memo: TRS Fund Modifications

June 12, 2020

TRS Fund Modifications

Contributions will be modified for 2020-2021 fund year.

The FCC released a Report and Order in November 2019 to broaden the support mechanism for Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) and reduce the current burden put on Interstate Telecommunications providers. The FCC launched IP CTS many years ago with an interim funding mechanism based only on the interstate telecommunications revenues even though IP CTS provides captioning for both interstate and intrastate voice calls. With significant growth in IP CTS, the current rules are putting an unfair burden on providers with interstate services. In this Report and Order, the FCC expands the TRS Fund contribution base to include intrastate revenues as well as interstate voice communications service. Having both contributors is not necessarily making the fund bigger but balancing the contributions in a fair manner.

Download the full memo for additional detail on Contribution Factors, Effective Date, and Carriers Impacted.

VPS Memo – TRS Contribution Modifications

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