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Memo: Performance Measures Module

May 5, 2020

Performance Measures Module

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has developed a Performance Measures Module (PMM), which will be the reporting system used for performance measures testing.

The PMM will:

  • Allow carriers to differentiate HUBB reported locations as actively served vs. not actively served.
  • Allow USAC to select a random sampling of actively served locations for performance testing.
  • Collect performance testing results from carriers.


For USAC to generate a random sample of actively served locations, beginning with the testing start dates and biannually thereafter, carriers will need to download all certified locations already filed in the HUBB and upload into the PMM via a separate CSV file.

The PMM upload file will contain all information in the HUBB download file with one additional column named Subscriber ID. The Subscriber ID field will be a carrier-generated, alphanumeric unique identifier for locations with active subscribers. This will enable USAC to generate a random sampling of HUBB certified locations that have active subscribers for performance testing purposes. It would be worthwhile to discuss with your billing vendor to determine if they will be implementing a Subscriber ID solution or if it will be up to you to assign a Subscriber ID.

Download the full memo for additional detail on Background, Performance Testing, and Timelines.

VPS Memo – Performance Measures Module

Additional Information

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