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COVID-19: Recommendations for Broadband & Telecom Providers

March 27, 2020

COVID-19: Recommendations for Broadband & Telecom Providers

These are unusual times, as COVID-19 has disrupted daily life and business operations across the country. In doing so, the current pandemic has highlighted the need for reliable, robust, fully supported broadband networks. Vantage Point offers the following recommendations and best practices for maintaining and supporting your networks and business continuity.

Protect Your Employees

The CDC and WHO have established recommended protective measures, such as frequent handwashing and other hygienic measures. Additionally, OSHA also provides industry-specific information for protecting your staff. Though not an exhaustive list, examples of recommended procedures related to telecommunications include:

  • Keeping your staff informed on internal procedures
  • Post external procedures for customers (i.e. business office closed to public, shortened hours, etc.)
  • Pre-screening on-site calls to protect technicians
    ― “Does anyone in the home have a fever?”
    ― “Has anyone been exposed to COVID-19?”
  • Only send technicians out for emergency visits
    ― Provide technical assistance via phone to reduce in-person visits or prepare short videos on common technical issues that can be posted online or sent to the customer
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment for employees


Download the full memo for additional detail on Establishing Protective Measures for Office Workers, Disaster Recovery Plan, Pandemic Checklist, Community Support, and Network Support.

VPS Memo – COVID-19 Recommendations

Additional Information

Vantage Point is committed to providing uninterrupted service to our clients, and have undertaken several internal measures to ensure the safety of our team and protect our availability to serve you.

If you have any questions about operations or best practices as we work through COVID-19, please contact these members of the Vantage Point team:

For Personnel & Business Operations:

Jill Weber at 605-995-1832

Wendy Harper at 605-995-1756

Dereck DeVries at 605-995-1762

For Network Support:

          Andy Deinert at 605-995-1765