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Memo: RDOF Preliminary Eligible Locations Released

March 18, 2020

Limited Challenge Process and Filing Deadline Set

Preliminary Eligible Locations Released
On March 17, 2020, the Wireless Competition Bureau (WCB) released a Public Notice that announced the preliminary list of census blocks and a map of areas that have been deemed initially eligible for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I auction (Auction 904). The WCB also released a list of the associated census block groups and reserve prices, as well as associated census tracts and reserve prices.


Limited Challenge Process Available
The WCB also set forth a limited challenge process with filings due by April 10, 2020. The challenge process will give parties an opportunity to identify and challenge census blocks that fall into one of three categories.


Recommended Next Steps
VPS recommends the following action items for potential bidders considering participation in the RDOF auction:

  1. Review Preliminary Maps for Areas of Interest
  2. Determine CapEx, which feeds into a feasibility analysis
  3. Undertake 10-year feasibility analysis
  4. Determine monthly support (RDOF Funds) needed per location

Vantage Point is prepared to answer any general questions you may have, and to assist with these and other needs pertaining to the RDOF auction.

Download the full memo for additional detail.

VPS Memo – RDOF Preliminary Locations Released 3.18.20

Additional Information

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