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RDOF Update 2-5-20: What’s Happening Now?

February 5, 2020

RDOF: What’s Happening Now?

Vantage Point has fielded several inquiries about the status of RDOF since the FCC’s January 30 meeting. Here we are providing an update about what is happening now, what to expect next, and what steps you can be taking at this time.

What’s happening now
Last week the FCC voted to establish rules for the auction. The Order they approved has not yet been released, nor have the timelines or list of eligible areas.

What happens next
Once the FCC releases the Order, Vantage Point Solutions will provide a complimentary Memo that highlights the most impactful sections and implications. To receive this Memo, please sign up at the form below.

Once the list of eligible areas is released, we will also send a national map (PDF) of eligible areas for no charge. Complimentary PDF state maps will be available as well. Again, you may sign up for these maps at the form below.

Recommended next steps
Once the list of eligible areas is released, there are three key steps for interested bidders to undertake:

  1. Examine the locations for areas of interest. In particular, look for opportunities to build new networks, edge-out of existing service territories, or leverage existing assets (like conduit, huts, or poles).
  2. Determine CapEx. How much will it cost to serve the areas you’re interested in? The answer to that question depends on several factors, including technology, network architecture, proximity to existing infrastructure, and long-term maintenance and viability considerations.
  3. Evaluate feasibility of CapEx. Once you know what a business plan looks like, you can work backwards into determining your bid strategy for the auction.

If you are interested in assistance with these steps, we encourage you to consider Vantage Point’s RDOF Concierge Prep Service. This package of services is specifically designed to help auction participants prepare for the RDOF reverse auction. Available for a one-time flat fee, Concierge includes a services credit that can be used for the items listed above as well as KMZ maps, webinar registrations, and other benefits. Additional information is available here.

We also invite you to attend our RDOF Kickoff Webinar. This is currently scheduled for February 13, though it may be rescheduled if there is significant delay in releasing the FCC Order. (Please note this webinar is complimentary for Concierge clients, available to others with a registration fee.) You may register here.

If you have any additional questions about RDOF, the Concierge Package, or Vantage Point’s services, please complete the form below or reach out to any member of the Vantage Point team.

Thank you for your interest in RDOF. Better broadband means better lives, and we look forward to a successful auction and to helping our clients improve broadband access across the country.