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Geolocation Data due March 2

January 13, 2020

Geolocation data for locations built in 2019 are due on March 2. This deadline applies to companies with these funding obligations:

  • CAF Phase II
  • A-CAM, Revised A-CAM I, and A-CAM II
  • Rural Broadband Experiments (RBE)
  • Alaska Plan

You may be missing locations.

Carriers who may have already collected location information through a process other than in the field geocoding may be missing some locations. For example, some automated geocoding processes lack the capability of identifying and verifying the specific latitude and longitude coordinates of the location. As a result, a location falling directly within a funded census block may be getting reported with coordinates that fall outside the boundaries of the census block, due to the inability to verify exact coordinates. If you are not confident in your geolocation, contact us and we can help determine your level of risk and steps to verify locations if necessary.

We haven’t had HUBB reporting before. Does this still apply?

CAF BLS carriers that did not have prior HUBB reporting obligations, are required to file geo-located broadband deployment information in the HUBB by March 1, 2021 for all locations to which broadband service of 25/3 Mbps or greater have been deployed since May 25, 2016.

We didn’t deploy any locations last year; what do we do?

Carriers that did not deploy any locations in 2019 must log into the HUBB and certify “no locations to upload” by March 2, 2020.