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Memo: Lifeline Program

December 18, 2019

Lifeline New Low-Income Program Rules

The Lifeline program was originally established in 1985 to ensure that low -income consumers had access to affordable, landline telephone service. Today, the Lifeline program provides qualifying low-income consumers discounts on voice or broadband Internet access service, as well as in a bundled service. Currently, qualifying low-income consumers receive a standard $9.25 monthly discount on Lifeline-supported voice or broadband Internet access service or bundled service that satisfies the FCC’s minimum service standards, and those who reside on Tribal lands can receive up to a $34.25 monthly discount on Lifeline service that satisfies the minimum service standards. Starting December 1, 2019, consumers will receive a reduced standard $7.25 monthly discount for voice service, which is the start of a gradual step down for mobile or voice-only services.

In late October the FCC released an order that adopts new stronger rules for the Lifeline program that will attempt to reduce abuses and fraud in the program. The goal is to strengthen the program’s enrollment, recertification and reimbursement processes with the aim of reducing or eliminating improper payments, which have been an ongoing concern for the program.

Download the full memo for additional detail on the FCC Lifeline Program New Reform Rules.

Memo – Lifeline Program

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