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Karl Hochmuth joins Vantage Point as Director of Customer Relations

December 4, 2018

Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Karl Hochmuth, who has joined the Vantage Point team as Director of Customer Relations. Hochmuth will work remotely from his office in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, assisting telecom and broadband companies across the Midwest.

“I’m really excited to work with the team at Vantage Point, helping connect companies with our many areas of expertise,” Karl said, stating that he’s “especially drawn to the company’s commitment of always putting the client first, focusing on long term solutions for their continuing success and getting it right the first time.”

Hochmuth has worked in the broadband and telecommunications industry for almost 15 years, mainly focusing on equipment and providing technical solutions. Most recently, he served as a Technical Consultant and Sales Engineer for Power Product Services (PPS). He joins the Vantage Point team as Bob Lind, one of the company’s six co-founders, retires from the company.

Darren Dierbeck, Sr. Vice President of Customer Relations and a company co-founder, is pleased to have Karl join the team. “People do business with people they trust, and Vantage Point has excellent people. Karl fits right into that. Clients in the Midwest already know him, and he already knows our team well. It’s just a perfect fit.”

Karl will work with clients in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.

“While I’ve worked with all of the engineering firms in the Midwest, I’ve always felt that Vantage Point did things a little differently and has more to offer their clients than some others might, they take a long-term view of client success and bring such a broad perspective of experience and expertise,” Karl stated. “There are real challenges and opportunities in the industry right now and I’m ready to work with the rest of the team at Vantage Point to help our clients find success for years to come.”