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Vantage Point Files CAF II Comments with the FCC

September 19, 2017

On Monday, September 18, Vantage Point Solutions filed comments with the FCC on the upcoming CAF II auction rules. This auction will be one of the most complex auctions in the history of humankind, and shaping the rules of the process is critical to ensuring reasonable, well-developed, and effective procedures.

To that end, there are a number of issues with the rules in their draft form, which is why Vantage Point filed thorough comments. Of chief concern is the “locations gap,” which leaves broad uncertainty in it’s current state. Vantage Point requested four specific policies to address this challenge, and, backed by both our engineering and consulting expertise, provided substantial evidence in favor of our recommendations.

The full comments filed by Vantage Point are available here.

The CAF II auction is a tremendous opportunity for companies to add new customers and new revenues, and Americans and the companies that serve them deserve it’s success. That success only happens with thoughtful engagement on the rules and procedures, and advocating for our clients’ best interest in this process is a responsibility we take seriously. You can trust that Vantage Point has your back.