• Ahead of the curve

    Many engineering and consulting companies can’t keep up with changing technology or regulatory issues. We have people dedicated to this. We stay ahead of the curve, so our clients do, too.

  • You get the best

    Our consultants work with our engineers. Our engineers work with our consultants. They all work together to ensure you get the best product.

  • Customer Focused

    We believe in the importance of being customer focused. In this industry, you have to know and understand the people you’re working for. We do. We always will.

  • What’s best for you

    Every client is different, and customization is a big part of what we do. This is not a cookie-cutter business. From us, you get what’s best for you, and only you.

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Solutions for Success

VPS is an engineering and consulting company. VPS offers a comprehensive line of customer-focused technology-driven solutions from regulatory compliance assistance and audits to technology planning and equipment implementation. Learn more about our solutions and services, or contact us to find out how we can help you succeed.


    Today, telecommunications service providers are looking to increase the speed of their Internet services, document the connectivity of their network, and improve their cable quality. Vantage Point’s team of experienced professional engineering staff can assist in architecting and implementing reliable, state-of-art networks. Our team of engineers, accountants and consultants will work to maximize both the technical and regulatory benefits of the architecture.

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    Each year your Financial Institution faces ever-increasing compliance, technology and security challenges. Our industry experts at VPS offer comprehensive services and solutions to assist your Financial Institutions to face those challenges. Our team stays updated on the most recent regulatory changes, significant and emerging IT and security risks, and state-of-the art technology solutions. We are a company focused on customer service and on delivering a customized approach to meet your company’s specific needs.

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    VPS has the expertise of staff to evolve your enterprise network into one that is reliable and agile. Our team can assist in making decisions about cloud strategies, network infrastructure, security and virtualization.

    Project planning, project management and migration are parts of the IT life cycle that VPS can handle for your company. No need to worry about overcoming staffing constraints or evaluating difficult vendor relationships, we have it handled!

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Advantages of Vantage Point

Vantage Point is a leading telecommunications engineering and consulting company, focused on customer service and driven by a passion for advanced technology. Progressive thinking makes Vantage Point well-known and respected in this industry. We offer a comprehensive line of services, blending technology and regulatory expertise into one attractive package.

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