Managed Services

Proactive services to take the guesswork out of your network.

Mitigate risk and uncertainty in your network with Vantage Point’s Managed Services. Our comprehensive understanding of network operations can replace – and help avoid – the need for piecemeal reactive fixes.

Managed Firewall

Optimize your firewall experience with firmware upgrades, vulnerability scans, configuration backups, alerting capabilities, and increased network visibility through a detailed weekly report.

Managed Cybersecurity

A collection of cybersecurity services provide your organization with a well-rounded foundation for a robust cybersecurity program.

Managed Servers

Configure, optimize, and continuously monitor the health of your virtual server environment; plus, manage all component firmware updates and hypervisor upgrades.

Managed Backups

Configure and continuously monitor the health of a robust backup solution for your organization with offsite disaster recovery and proactive ransomware protection.

Managed DHCP

A high-availability DHCP server  is provisioned and continuously monitored for your organization, applying relevant updates and managing the backup and retention of logs, configuration files, and lease files.

Managed Graylog

An open-source, centralized log management solution is configured and continuously monitored for your organization, with relevant updates applied and automatic recovery of failed services to ensure maximum uptime.

Managed LibreNMS

Vantage Point configures, troubleshoots, maintains, and continuously monitors the health of an open-source network monitoring solution for your network to provide you with detailed interface statistics and powerful alerting.

Managed DNS

Vantage Point provisions and continuously monitors a redundant pair for DNS servers for your organization, applies relevant updates, monitors system performance, captures system logs, and attempts to automatically recover and restart failed services.

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