Brian Bell, P.E.

Senior Technology Leader

Brian has been an active participant in the telecommunications industry since 1999. Brian was employed as a telecommunications technician while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (2003) from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T). Brian joined the engineering staff of Vantage Point Solutions in 2004. Since joining Vantage Point Solutions, Brian has been involved with the implementation of many aspects of telecommunication networks including wireless, FITL, FTTH, standby power, and Central Office grounding.

Brian is VPS’ principle RF Engineer and has been responsible for the RF design and evaluations for wireless networks across the suite of current technology standards. Brian has been the VPS Project Manager overseeing the implementation of unlicensed and licensed wireless networks, including CDMA and LTE networks, being an integral part of the network acceptance testing processes to ensure compliance with the VPS performance-based Plans and Specifications. Brian has prepared and filed on the clients’ behalf, CGSA expansions, interim construction obligations, and grandfathered status filings with the FCC. Brian has been the VPS Project Manager overseeing the implementation of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network enhancement.

In addition to his wireless activities, Brian has also been responsible for conducting Central Office power and grounding audits, performing ground field measurements, performing soil resistivity measurements, and designing Central Office ground fields based upon these soil resistivity measurements. Brian has also been responsible for the technical research, development of performance-based Plans and Specifications, contract negotiations, vendor evaluations, project management, and final inspections.

Brian is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the states of South Dakota and Indiana.