Plant & Project Management

Proper planning to start keeps your project on time, on budget, and in line with your strategic plan.

Detailed Fiber Plant Engineering & Field Data Collection

Reduce risk and maximize network strength; then get the best construction bids.

Preparing for construction requires diligent, detailed engineering to reduce risk, maximize network strength, and eliminate surprises in the field. Construction plans built on good information with clarity, detail, and GIS-accuracy on maps give you the best construction bids.

Vantage Point offers an in-house CAD team with experience in all major mapping systems and continuous integration of new technology. We’re with you every step of the way.

Field Engineering & Review   »   Aerial Make Ready Engineering & Pole Loading Analysis   »   Detailed Construction Mapping   »   Construction Specifications   »   Bid Management   »   Contractor Procurement   »   Central Office Design   »   Electronics RFP – RUS/RDUP Standards   »   Fully Electronic Field Staking (Buried & Aerial)   »   Road Moves   »   GIS Accurate Design Records

Aerial Plant Services

Vantage Point is one of the top users of Pole Data Collection Technology in the world – and that’s just the start. All aerial engineering and plant services are directed by a Licensed Professional Engineer, ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of your aerial plant from start to finish.

Aerial Engineering   »   Pole Studies   »   Pole Loading Analysis   »   Easement Assistance   »   Make Ready Management   »  Pole Data Collection   »   ADSS   »   Strand/Lash   »   Slack & Accessory Management

Outside Plant Bid Management

Get a high-quality network built at the best price.

Finding the right blend of quality contractors and cost-effective bid pricing is essential on major fiber construction projects. VPS provides detailed contract specifications, pre-qualifies prospective contractors, conducts pre-bid meetings, and manages the formal bid opening and contract execution. Our process helps ensure you get a high-quality network built at the best price.

OSP Construction Bid Requirements   »   Detailed Guide Drawings   »   Pre-Screening of OSP Contractors   »   Invitations to Bid   »   Pre-bid Meeting   »   Bid Evaluations   »   Coordination of Contract Execution

ROW, Easements & Permitting

We clear the red tape to keep your project on schedule.

Our team navigates and fulfills all necessary ROW, easement, and environmental requirements to avoid construction delays.


Private Easements   »   Aerial/Pole Applications& MRE   »   Townships   »   City   »   County   »   State   »   Federal   »   Tribal   »   Railroad

Agencies & Entities

Dept. of Transportation   »   Bureau of Reclamation   »   Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)   »   Bureau of Land Management   »   State & Tribal Historical Preservation   »   US Forest Service   »   Army Corps of Engineers   »   Cultural Resource Reports


Dept. of Natural Resources   »   Environmental Impact Studies   »   Borrower’s Environmental Reports (BER)   »   Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)   »   Irrigation & Drainage Districts   »   Biological Field Surveys   »   Wetland Delineation Reports   »   Geotechnical Soil / Bore Test Reports

Environmental & Cultural Resource Management

Red tape? We’ve got a shovel for that.

Decades of archeological, architectural, and environmental experience keep your project compliant and moving forward. LEARN MORE »

Details matter. Experience matters. Let’s build it right the first time.