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Congratulations to Dennis Smith, CPA!

April 19, 2022

Another Certified Public Accountant on staff at Vantage Point Solutions.

MITCHELL, SD (April 19, 2022) – Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to congratulate Dennis Smith, of our Consulting team, on successfully passing all four portions of the CPA exam.

Dennis Smith, CPA

Dennis is a key member of Vantage Point’s State Universal Service Fund division where he serves the New Mexico, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Kansas state funds. As an auditor and financial expert he provides rate calculations and prepares monthly and annual financial statements, among other responsibilities.


“We are very proud of Dennis for this great accomplishment. He worked hard to pass the CPA exam and obtain his Certified Public Accountant certification,” says Julie Darrington, Vice President of Consulting. “This, in combination with his background and experience, makes him an integral part of our Consulting team.”

Prior to working in telecommunications Dennis worked in Public Accounting where he prepared financial statement for both private and public companies and completed audits for both governmental and non-governmental entities, among other areas of expertise.

Dennis is located at Vantage Point’s Springfield Illinois office. He joined Vantage Point as part of the merger with GVNW Consulting in 2020.

Congratulations, Dennis!

Vantage Point is committed to professional, ethical services and business practices as outlined in our publicly available statement of ethics. As CPA, Dennis joins a fleet of industry-certified professionals including additional CPA staff, CISSP, attorneys, and 10 licensed Professional Engineers.