Network & Technical Strategy

Strategic thinking for technical network decisions.

Network Edge-outs

Take the headache out of a network edge-out investment. Vantage Point can step in to assist wherever you need a hand: Multi-functional strategic planning for management, board retreats and education, financial forecasts, competitive analysis, technical services, regulatory compliance, and more. (We also bring our special ingredient: An outside perspective informed by our insight into hundreds of operations and networks across the country.)

New Service & CLEC Launch

Launching a new service, or serving a new area? A lot goes into planning and executing a successful launch. Vantage Point’s start-to-future solutions and experienced team is with you every step of the way.

Network Consolidation

Over time, individual network solutions can add up to an overly complex system. Simplifying your network to a more centralized platform ensures your network is more reliable, more efficient, and easier to manage.

Network Operation

Good network staff are hard to find. Vantage Point’s data network team is well-equipped to take on the day-to-day network tasks that keep your network running smoothly. Monitoring, maintenance, response, and troubleshooting, with the expertise you expect from Vantage Point. Look into our Synergy service for common network tasks, or contact us for a custom package of services tailored to your situation.

Networks are what we do. Let’s talk about what you’re looking to accomplish.