Business Solutions

Taking care of business so you can take care of your network and customers.

Strategic Planning

You have goals; now how will you reach them? Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning experts can help you navigate your opportunities and challenges to set a direction for the future – and keep you on course. You can trust Vantage Point to work with your board and your team to set a course that’s right for you.

Market Research & Pricing

Analyzing the existing competition and market offerings, and costs of service can inform your service development, growth potential, and pricing strategy. Vantage Point’s unique combination of local research with national pricing insights ensures you’ll meet customer expectations while maximizing your competitive edge.

New Operation Launch

If you’re starting a brand-new operation or edging out your existing network, a lot goes into planning and executing a successful launch. Vantage Point’s start-to-future solutions and experienced team is with you every step of the way.

Partnership Arrangements

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to network operations, and you don’t have to go it alone when establishing or expanding your network. Vantage Point can assist with partnership arrangements, including vetting partners; advising on operation agreements; business plans; establishing contracts; and other details.


Control your resources, or live at their mercy. Budgeting provides your company with a road map of financial goals and expectations to help you exceed your goals. The certainty and clarity from a good budget free up personnel bandwidth throughout the year, letting you focus on executing your vision.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Expanding your operation, or exiting it: Our seasoned experts will help you navigate the process, ensuring each step is completed accurately and efficiently – and your best interests are protected. That includes assistance with due diligence to determine a fair market valuation of the operation or asset under consideration.

Operational Review

What are you doing well, and what could be better? Optimize your operation and uncover opportunities to strengthen your team. We’ve worked with hundreds of providers across the country, and we put that experience to work uncovering ways to optimize your operation and strengthen your team.

Network Operation Review

Focused specifically on technical staff, a Network Operation Review can uncover inefficiencies, areas of concern, or needs for training for technicians and Customer Service Representatives. Small teams benefit from identifying redundancies of institutional knowledge (or their absence); larger operations find value in ensuring all staff are up-to-date on operations and clear on responsibilities.

Expert Testimony

Vantage Point is often called upon to offer expert testimony in a variety of telecom, broadband, regulatory, and related topics.

Our experience and expertise can be tailored to any challenge. Tell us more about what you need.