Engineering & Design

We’ve designed hundreds of fiber and wireless networks. (But never the same one twice.)

The Vantage Point team – including 9 professional engineers licensed in 40+ states – are known for engineering creative solutions to technical challenges that have never been seen before. Our decades of fiber and wireless network experience means that we know what questions to ask, identifying blind spots before they cause trouble.

Strategic Network Planning

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to serve?

Every network design begins with these two questions and ends by answering many others. Vantage Point’s network design and engineering teams will help you answer:

  • What’s the high-level plan for this network in the future?
  • How should we build it?
  • How much will this cost?
  • What network architecture and technology is right for this build?
  • Where do we build first?
  • How do we phase the construction process?
  • How do we prepare the network for growth?
  • How do other pieces fit into the plan? Voice, Transport, Data Networking, etc.?

Data Networking

We’ll help you design a reliable, secure data network architecture. LEARN MORE »

Wireless & RF Engineering

Extensive expertise in legacy and current generation wireless networks.

Vantage Point has extensive experience and expertise with both legacy and current generation wireless networks, including systems operating in both the licensed and unlicensed bands. Our wireless experts monitor future technology advancements and FCC rulemaking, helping operators anticipate and adapt to industry changes as they happen.

Wireless Engineering (Licensed & Unlicensed)   »   RF Analysis   »   Drive Testing   »   Small Cells   »   FCC Auctions   »   Spectrum Access   »   Backhaul Engineering   »   Microwave Path Analysis & Design   »   Network Audits   »   Interference Discovery   »   Site Acquisition & Strategy   »   FCC Filings & Licensing   »   Field Validation & Testing

Transport & Backhaul

How will your nodes connect to each other? How will your network connect to the world?

And how will your transport hold up with increasing bandwidth traffic? Proper transport planning ensures a reliable, future-proof network that reduces single points of failure and ensures your end users and internal communications can always connect to wherever they need to go.

Vantage Point’s transport planning aligns bandwidth usage trends and usable network life projections; this future-use focus results in transport solutions that avoid painful and costly upgrade interruptions.

Professional, experienced engineering solutions – Ready when you are.