Network Security

Protecting your network, so you can protect your operation.

Our team works with all seven layers of the network, plus the human element, ensuring a more secure network from the physical architecture to end-user education.

Traditional Cybersecurity Testing

Vulnerability Scans   »   Penetration Testing   »   Internal Vulnerability Assessment   »   Service Identification and Scanning   »   External Penetration Assessment   »   Port Scanning   »   Vulnerability Scanning and Exploitation   »    DNS and Domain Name Review   »   Red Team Exercises

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Don’t be caught off guard: Be continuously ON guard. Continuous Vulnerability Management services include ongoing and on-demand scanning, in-depth penetration assessments; reporting and updates; and regular meetings with Cybersecurity experts.

Social Engineering

Phishing Emails   »   Ransomware Readiness   »   Phone Impersonations   »   Physical Impersonations   »   Media Dropping   »   Social Media Presence   »   Physical Security Assessment   »   Staff Training

Cybersecurity Policies

Protect your network and operation from ransomware, phishing, and other vulnerabilities with risk-responsive policies, procedures, and training for your staff.

Wireless Security

Encryption and Authentication   »   Unauthorized connections with access points   »   Hijack an existing connection   »   Impersonate a valid User   »   Identify/locate rogue access points & ad-hoc networks

Disaster Recovery Planning

Fiber cuts. Data Center floods. System hacks. What now? Vantage Point experts can help protect your network before disaster strikes, and help you recover when something goes wrong.

Server & System Backups

Protect your information with offsite system backups, securing information from both physical and cyber threats.

Backup Strategy & Frequency   »   Failover   »   Equipment Selection   »   Installation   »   Provisioning   »   Offsite Backups   »   Testing   »   Backup Recoveries

It’s never too early to protect your network. The right time is now. Let’s get started.