Data Network Operations

Keeping your network “on” is our top priority.

Network Operation

Good network staff are hard to find. Vantage Point’s data network team is well-equipped to take on the day-to-day network tasks that keep your network running smoothly. Monitoring, maintenance, response, and troubleshooting, with the expertise you expect from Vantage Point. Look into our Synergy service for common network tasks, or contact us for a custom package of services tailored to your situation.

Network availability monitoring   »   Bandwidth usage summaries   »   Performance Monitoring   »   Availability Reports   »   Support for multiple equipment vendors   »   Intelligent alerting on device state   »   Customer portal access   »   Event logging

Staff Services

Our team is ready and equipped to help your team when you need a hand.

Staff Training   »   Staff Augmentation (Synergy Service)   »   Network Operation   »   Service Creation & Testing   »   Customer Assistance

Regional Network Management

Full-service network operations and management for:

  • State Networks
  • Regional Networks
  • Private Partnerships
  • Multi-state Networks
  • and more.


Our staff’s expert management of your network reduces overhead and improves reliability and responsiveness.

System Backups

Protect your business customers’ information with offsite system backups, securing information from both physical and cyber threats.

Backup Strategy & Frequency   »   Pricing   »   Equipment Selection   »   Installation   »   Provisioning   »   Offsite Backups   »   Testing   »   Backup Recoveries   »   Cost of Service Analysis

Let’s get to work on your network. The first step is a conversation – Let’s learn more about what you need.