Broadband – Environmental – Cybersecurity

Say hello at TechAdvantage Booth #823

Vantage Point is proud to support Co-ops in their broadband deployments with engineering and consulting you can trust. Meet our team and learn about our broadband, environmental, and cybersecurity services at the expo! Booth #823.

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Our TechAdvantage Team:

Larry Thompson, PE, CEO

Kevin Kloehn

Kristy Szabo

Quentin Flippin, PE

Jacki Miskimins

Eric Rajchel, PE

Anna Callicoat

Brandon Knutson

Jason Wagner

Let’s Talk at TechAdvantage

Here’s what’s top-of-mind of us in Nashville. Want to set up an appointment? Email us and we’ll be in touch.

Broadband Engineering & Consulting

Work with experts you trust, without feeling “trapped” into a system you don’t understand. Whether it’s BEAD funding, aerial engineering, regulatory compliance, voice service, system design, or network documentation, our team can help. Three of our Licensed Professional Engineers are on hand right here at TechAdvantage, as well as leaders in funding, OSP, and data networking.

Environmental Resources

NRECA is advocating to alleviate these requirements, but we know construction must go on until relief is granted. Whether it’s electric or broadband construction, Vantage Point’s team of archeologists, biologists, and environmental impact specialists can help clear the way for construction to proceed.

Cybersecurity & Data Networking

All those bits and bytes need to get where they’re going – and safely. Let’s talk about cybersecurity, managed IT services, routing and switching (for you broadband types), and geek out on the innerworkings of how your networks actually function.