Whitepaper: Can Unlicensed Wireless Solve the Digital Divide?

April 10, 2023

Can unlicensed wireless solve the digital divide? A recent White Paper for the Fiber Broadband Association finds the answer is a resounding “No.”

Written by Larry Thompson, PE, CEO of Vantage Point Solutions, the paper discusses the capabilities needed to meet broadband needs today and in the future and both the physics and economics of unlicensed wireless to meet those needs. The paper also touches on social realities – including the dimensions of the digital divide, and why performance claims of wireless networks are so often misleading. As the nation grapples with BEAD and other programs, the debate over which technologies should be eligible for public broadband funds has never been more critical. This FBA White Paper makes the firm case that unlicensed wireless is an unsuitable technology for these critical dollars.

Download below:

Can Unlicensed Wireless Solve the Digital Divide?